Want to be Super Organised? Have a Command Centre!

Want to be Super Organised? Have a Command Centre!

If you feel like papers, bills, school permits, notices, mails come flying in all directions, then it’s time to activate a command centre to end the mess once and for all.

For a busy mum, organising everything in the house is no mean feat, but if you have a command centre, where everything important goes in — filed, stacked, written and scheduled — you won’t ever miss a thing again!

So, if you want to be well-organised now, here are some cool ways we found on the internet that will surely get you inspired.

1. Use the sides of your fridge where you can stick everything.

You can use this Magnetic Organizer from Catch to finally use up your free space in the fridge!

Grab it for only $19.95!

2. Customise cabinets to fit everything you need.

Grab this 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet to help you out in this task! Have fun!

3. Just get a simple clipboard and some wooden clips and voila!

4. You can also make your kids’ school bag storage areas as your masterpiece.

5. Chalkboards are great for writing important things in.

6. Use bags with the names of your kids where you can place their important stuff.

7. Whiteboards are also cool for everything to write and stick on.

You can grab this awesome whiteboard and make your life easier! Kapowww!

8. You can also use corkboards or old wooden cabinets for a rustic feel.

9. You can also use frames and wooden boxes for a pretty command centre.

10. Combine everything for this lovely nook in your house.

11. You don’t need that much space for your command centre. Just use a corner in your house and that’s it!

12. Some nice inspiring words can make your command centre a stress-free area.

13. For work-at-home mums, your working place can automatically be your command centre.

Which of these command centres is your favourite?