We Are In the Midst of Vaccine Apartheid

Anyone that has been on Facebook during the last 18 months would have noticed the huge disparity between those who choose to vaccinate, and those who choose not to vaccinate.

It’s a clusterfuck of nastiness, name-calling and belittling of each other. It has pitted friends against friends, parents against parents. I’ve witnessed lifelong friends suddenly ‘unfriending and blocking’ their people on Facebook due to their stance on the matter.

The Huge Vaccine Divide

The vaccination debate has created a massive divide in the Australian public. And that divide is widening every day, especially now that the government is dictating what vaccinated people can do, and what unvaccinated people can’t.

And regardless of what you personally choose to do – isn’t that the point of living in modern society – your right to choose?

What is the Definition of Apartheid?

Apartheid essentially means ‘Apart’ or ‘Separate’. The most well-known example of Apartheid existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s and was a system of institutionalised racial segregation.

Some rules for whites. Different rules for blacks.

And the results of apartheid were beyond horrific.

The colour of one’s skin dictated where they lived, who they married and where they could go. And the violence for and against apartheid killed thousands of Africans or put them in detention.

Now take race out of the equation and instead substitute vaccination status. Is this what we are heading towards?

I am by no means understating apartheid. It was and is horrific. But I can certainly see a future here in Australia where name-calling and opinions will eventually spill into violence. Us against them.

Polio Vaccine | Stay at Home MumYoung girl getting the Polio Vaccine

What’s the Answer to Vaccination Choice?

Both sides need to back the fuck down, and let adults choose what they think is best for them and their families. Full stop. What they choose is none of anyone else’s business.

It’s not about being pro-vax or anti-vax, it’s about choice.

Because everyone has the right to choose what goes into their body.

If we take away those rights from people – where does that end. What other rights will be taken away. That is truly what worries me for the future. When you take away someone’s rights, guaranteed more rights will be eventually taken away.

Are We Being Desensitized by The Government?

History tells us that once a Government introduces regulations, they never roll them back. We need to be careful of what control we give the Government over our health, economy, freedoms and human rights.

It’s a slippery slope and it happens incrementally. The Nazi’s didn’t just start by killing the Jews. They started by increasingly implementing incremental rules and indoctrination of society, and eventually rationalised genocide.

Think of what Covid has done to allow our Government more freedom than ever. And more compliance than ever. We have rationalised away some of our freedom behind a wall of what we have been told and what many believe has been an over-reactive response by our Government.

Now we face being the joke of the world.

What Individual Vaccination Choice Means

Sure there is a fall-out from those choices.

  • Yes that may mean more people in hospital with Covid.
  • Which in turn means a higher load on our Medical Staff
  • Yes that may mean that unvaccinated people can spread Covid

And that sucks. But at least it isn’t taking away people’s right to choose. And each side has to live with the fact.

Vaccination status should not dictate where you work, how you work, where you eat and what you do. That is creating a greater divide amongst the population.

What Happens if Individual Choice Isn’t Recognised?

Picture this. Suddenly all employment is dependant on being fully Covid vaccinated. That means a lot of people are out of work – unable to feed their families.

When you back people into a corner, they are going to fight back.

  • Who is going to do all the work?
  • Who will drive the trucks to deliver our food?
  • Who will fix our vehicles and collect our garbage bins?
  • Who will nurse us in the hospitals when we are sick?

Mad Max all of a sudden doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

My 2c Worth

I am fully vaccinated. So is my family. That is my choice. I believe in Science. But I’ll also defend YOUR right to choose whether to vaccinate or not to the end of the earth. Even if I don’t personally agree.

Because it’s none of MY business what you choose. And it’s none of YOUR business what other people choose.