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Pregnancy is the phase of life where the women’s body goes through a range of changes. From hormonal to weight change, pregnancy is the time when the body needs utmost care and affection. Nutrition is of top most importance during this time as well. Weight gain during pregnancy, on the other hand, varies from person to person. The weight gain is caused by a range of factors such as the baby’s weight as it develops to the placenta to the blood supply and the uterus growth. It also consists of fat stores and amniotic fluid. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee addressed the issue of weight gain during pregnancy and broke down the rules of it on her recent Instagram post. The nutritionist wrote, ” There is simply no other condition that inspires women to care for themselves as well as they want to during pregnancy. The pregnancy experience can be life-changing.”

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Anjali wrote that the weight gain of an expecting mother in the first trimester is usually 1.5 kilograms. In the second trimester, the weight gain increases with 1.5 kilograms every month. In the third trimester, the woman’s body experiences weight gain of 1.5-2 kilograms per month. In total, the weight gain varies from 12-14 kilograms in the full term of pregnancy. “Each pregnancy is unique. Pregnancy can be easily supported by adequate rest, nutritional supplements, low impact exercises, avoidance of harmful substances & a positive attitude. Although, external factors such as food and exercise contribute, it is your own positive relationship with your body and the child that really matters,” Anjali further added.

However, sudden weight gain or weight loss can be cause of concern for pregnant women. In such cases, Anjali recommended that a gynaecologist should be consulted as soon as possible. Speaking of dietary changes and the quantity of food items to be consumed, Anjali advised, ” My advice to you is that during pregnancy don’t eat for two but the two of you must eat better than one.”

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