Weird Covid-19 Long Term Side Effects After The ‘Spicy Flu’

Covid-19 has let rip in Australia.

There is no holding it back now. But many people are reporting some weird side effects from the Spicy Flu.

Sure, we know the typical Covid-19 symptoms, aches and pains, headaches, cough and fatigue. But this new flu is bringing out all sorts of strange symptoms in people.

Here are just a few:

Constant Burping

Melbourne influencer Olivia Molly Rogers revealed that after Covid-19, she couldn’t stop burping.

“I can’t stop burping. I Googled it and apparently it’s part of the gastrointestinal symptoms of Covid, not that common though. Has anyone else had this with Covid?’

Another weird Covid-19 side effect is achy legs like growing pains. Fitness influencer Lauren Henshaw likened her achy legs to:

“I felt like I had entered the Olympic squatting competition combined with growing pains…”

Lauren said that putting her legs in the air helped ease the leg symptoms.

Covid Toes

People are reporting swelling and blister-like bumps on their toes or fingers. It seems to be more common in children or young adults and Covid Toes last anywhere from two weeks to months on end!

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Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur post-Covid because the hair follicles are overstimulated during the infection and then the hair goes into ‘resting/shredding’ mode. This means you may experience a few bald spots for up to a year after having the Spicy Flu.

Menstrual Changes

This is becoming pretty widespread and common after experiencing Covid-19 – changes to your menstrual cycle. It is thought that Covid-19 may be related to low hormone levels and seeing estrogen plays a key role in women’s health, having low levels can affect women’s cycles.

You may skip a period or two altogether, or your periods may all of a sudden leave you bed-ridden for days.

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Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis

Pink Eye, more commonly known as Conjunctivitis or ‘Orbital Cellulitis’ is an infection in the eye that has become common in kids suffering from Covid-19. In fact, kids that are suffering from Pink Eye are now being tested for Covid-19 as it is one of the initial symptoms.

Swelling and redness are common. This should be looked at by your GP and tests to be undertaken for Covid-19.

Food Tastes Like ‘Hot Garbage’

One of the more common symptoms of Covid-19 is a loss of taste and smell. But once this starts to wear off, many people are reporting that food that once tasted amazing now just smells and tastes like ‘Hot Garbage’.

Known as ‘Parosmia’, it is a condition that ‘distorts’ your sense of smell and taste. Other people who have suffered from Covid-19 report food as tasting like:

  • Sewage
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Rotten Meat
  • Rotting Garbage

Hmmm yummy! Studies have shown that up to 7% of Covid sufferers experience Parosmia – and for some, that sense of smell may never return.

Have you experienced any unusual or weird Covid symptoms?

Weird Covid-19 Long Term Side Effects After The ‘Spicy Flu’ Pinnable