What to Eat, Precautions For Pregnant Women and Other Crucial Things to Remember

The moon is covered by the shadow of the Earth, which means moonlight is obstructed. Since this is not a natural phenomenon the balance of nature is disturbed. Living beings feel the impact of the absence of moonlight. The moon though not visible during the day, effect can be still felt. Food is not kept out as the bacteria in the atmosphere increases. People don’t step out during the eclipse.Also Read – Chandra Grahan 2021: Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse Since 1440 To Be Visible in India Today. Check Timings

Here Are Tips to Done When Eclipse is Visible From Your Place

These tips will be helpful for people living North-Eastern part of India and other states like Jharkhand, Bihar, parts of Uttar Pradesh. Even countries like the United States of America, Saudi States should take precautions. Also Read – Lunar Eclipse 2021: Longest Partial Chandra Grahan To Occur On Nov 19 After 580 Years. Check Timings Here

  • Pregnant women are asked to stay indoors as the water in the women’s body is much higher during pregnancy and the Moon controls water in our body so in absence of the effect of moonlight the emotional turmoil in the mind increases at a much higher rate in these women Stay indoors, listen to happy songs and watch comedy movies.
  • Why new things are not started during Eclipse? Everything has a muhurat ( good/ bad/ average)/ During the eclipse, the degrees of longitude and latitude and movement of planets cannot be calculated correctly. Hence, avoid new work/tasks.
  • No need to fast during the eclipse.
  • As the darkness is strong, the best time to do sadhna.
  • You can chant the mantra of the day during the eclipse. If possible 5 mala( 5*108 times).

What Are the Effect of The Eclipse?

  • Colder winter.
  • Some earthquake and fire incidents
  • Trouble in border states that see the eclipse
  • Emotional upheaval.

Best remedy chant mantra of the day during this period. The personal impact will reduce.Take a bath in the morning, light a diya in your left, sit with yourself for 10 mins and do the remedy. Also Read – Cyclone Yaas: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse Could Trigger Greater Damage in West Bengal

Eclipse time

  • 11.33 am to 5.33 pm
  • It peaks at 2.33 pm

Mantra of the day

Donate cooked or raw rice after the eclipse