What’s Next For Ordinary Joe ? James Wolk Teases What’s to Come

It may be called Ordinary Joe, but star James Wolk wants you to know it’s not just Joe’s show.

By now, you may have been able to catch the first episode of NBC’s newest drama, which follows Joe Kimbreau through the three lives he lives after making three different decisions after graduation: follow Jenny (Elizabeth Lail), follow Amy (Natalie Martinez) or go to dinner with his family.

In one world, he’s a nurse married to Jenny, but their marriage is falling apart. In another, he’s a rockstar married to Amy, but they’re struggling with infertility. In the third, he’s single and a cop, like his father. In all three lives, Jenny gave birth to Joe’s son, but in the rockstar life, the baby was given up for adoption. Single cop Joe doesn’t know the kid is his, and nurse Joe is happily raising him with Jenny.

Wolk says that while we’ve mostly gotten to know the three Joes so far, the show will be diving into all of the other characters too.

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“Thank god the producers were like, ‘We want you to be happy and see your family,’ and thank god we have an amazing cast of other actors,” Wolk tells E! News. “As the series progresses, like any good show, you’re going to learn and go with the other characters as well. It won’t be all Joe all the time.”

We’ll also be getting flashbacks to find out exactly what happened in the 10 years between Joe’s big decision and where the story is now. That includes flashbacks to Jenny’s story and details about her family and her various decisions when it comes to her son. Amy and Joe’s best friend Eric (Charlie Barnett) will also get to be in the spotlight.


“We started shooting in March of 2020, and then shut down after a day, and then we had seven months until we shot again, so we had a lot of time to talk backstory,” Wolk says. “The audience will get to know what happened.”

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As for what actually happened—as in, which decision Joe actually made—it’s not as clear if we’ll get to find that out. Wolk says the writers wanted it to be clear that there’s no “right” choice for Joe to have made. There are just choices, and each of those choices drastically affects the course of Joe’s life and the lives of those around him.

Ordinary Joe airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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