When Calls the Heart season 9 episode 10 video: Is Rosemary pregnant?

As we prepare for When Calls the Heart season 9 episode 10, there is one exciting question well worth asking: Is Rosemary pregnant? Are we going to be seeing an enormous change for her life with Lee?

In the promo that aired tonight for what lies ahead, she informed Elizabeth of the apparent discovery, claiming that she has been trying to tell her. While we don’t want to guarantee that a baby is coming down the road, we’re pretty optimistic! This is a show designed to make you smile, after all, and we wouldn’t want to see them unleash some terrible/devastating twist upon the world.

Hopefully, this episode will contain in its totality a little more of a proper celebration. The title is “Never Say Never,” and just seeing that alone should probably inspire a little bit of hope. We almost need a story like this given everything else that is happening right now in and around the community. Remember that there are problems aplenty when it comes to the coal mine and a lot of Lucas’ past is being called into question. We knew there were some issues coming for his character, and now we’re seeing them come home to roost.

Hopefully, this pregnancy news means that we will see a new baby in the Hope Valley world in season 10, but whether or not we get that of course depends on all of you! The ratings are still solid for this show, but we’ve come to know over the years that the network likes to keep us all in suspense. They are doing that once again here, and we could be waiting until after the finale to get anything close to an official verdict on the future.

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