Why Do Fans Think Olivia Munn Is ‘Pretending’ to Be Pregnant With John Mulaney’s Baby?

Actor Olivia Munn has been on a pregnancy press tour lately. She’s been talking about the expectant life with comedian John Mulaney and the anxieties involved. But some fans think she might be “pretending” to be pregnant for interviews.

Yes, the latest Deuxmoi blind about the gossip-plagued couple does suggest they have been hiding something. But someone else was a bit more direct in saying it. A prominent comedian threw down the metaphorical gauntlet and made the accusation about Munn on Twitter. And, of course, fans have theories as to why it actually makes sense.

(L) Olivia Munn | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE – (R) John Mulaney | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Stand-up comedian and host of the Anxiety Bites podcast Jen Kirkman questioned some of the information being provided by Munn straight at the source — almost.

The Los Angeles Times writer who recently interviewed Munn about “oh, you know, stuff” shared the article via Twitter. And that’s where Kirkman dropped a little bit of a bomb in the comments. “About the baby she’s pretending she didn’t already give birth to weeks ago or … ?” she asked.

In anticipation that may soon be removed, it was posted on November 18, 2021. It’s important to point out Kirkman didn’t seem to be taking the writer to task for their article. But the statement/question was enough to start a conversation.

Of course, fans took to Reddit — specifically the subreddit for discussing Mulaney’s personal life — to share some tea on Kirkman’s maybe revelation. What’s completely unclear is her source of information, but she is in the comedy world. Some Comedy Central fans might recognize her as a Drunk History storyteller.

About the baby she’s pretending she didn’t already give birth to weeks ago or…?

— JEN KIRKMAN (@JenKirkman) November 18, 2021

A Deuxmoi blind item also suggested Olivia Munn and John Mulaney’s baby was already born

As discussed on the Deuxmoi subreddit, the gossip site recently published an anonymous submission about “a b-list couple” who “had a baby and managed to keep it a secret so far.” Such outlets aren’t known for being the most accurate, but they did seem to get news of Munn’s pregnancy from a reliable source months before it was revealed.

Notably, Deuxmoi has been a constant presence in the Munn and Mulaney story that’s happening online. Rumblings of infidelities during his marriage to Anna Marie Tendler started there, as did the completely unproven rumor that there was an extramarital relationship.

Whether it’s true or not, some fans were confused as to why Munn and Mulaney wouldn’t announce the birth. But they also wondered why Munn would actively “pretend” to be pregnant in interviews if she’s already a mom. Of course, other fans have a theory for that and it’s all about the timeline.

Olivia Munn said public speculation of her relationship with John Mulaney spun a ‘false narrative’: ‘It’s easier to blame me’ https://t.co/hSp4TFnPjw

— Entertainment Insider (@EntInsider) November 17, 2021

Fans think Olivia Munn is trying to skew the timeline to save face

As often happens, observers shared their theories as to why someone might do things as curious as Munn is accused by Kirkman. First, she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to fudge the timing of a birth in the press for privacy reasons. But in Munn’s case, there are some other theories, as well.

Someone on a Mulaney subreddit commented on the rumor, “They won’t announce it or else they’ll have to explain why she was pregnant in February.” As Mulaney reportedly did not complete a stay in rehab until then, and his divorce from Tendler and relationship with Munn were both announced in May, it could make things harder as far as publicity goes.

Another completely unproven theory is that the motives for keeping the birth date secret are legal, as Mulaney is in an ongoing divorce.

But of course, there are those spectators who suggest everyone just believe what they see when they see it. Munn was reported as being due in 2021, so even if all the recent talk is just incredible scuttlebutt — a possible reveal is on the horizon.

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