Why Do People Crave Chocolate When Pregnant?

According to Pregnancy Food Checker, chocolate is the most common food craving among pregnant people. If you are craving a ton of chocolate during your pregnancy, you are likely wondering if this has any meaning. Unfortunately, a lot of previous thoughts about chocolate cravings have been debunked. According to The Cut, craving chocolate is actually not biological at all โ€” so your hormones going crazy isn’t technically an excuse to buy another chocolate bar. In fact, the reason behind your craving may be more due to our culture. Many of us have the idea that we can overindulge during pregnancy. And while a bit of overindulgence is perfectly fine, this mentality is a big reason a lot of people feel those intense cravings for chocolate.

And while you may not be able to blame your hormones on your newfound chocolate addiction, you can still treat your craving during your pregnancy without much guilt โ€” as long as you don’t go overboard.