Why do so many Either Love or Hate President Trump?

I often wonder why is it that so many people either love or hate President Trump.

There seems to be no middle position on him.

Don’t believe me? Next time you’re invited to a party just say out loud these two words: Donald Trump.

Or next time you place an order at Panera Bread and they ask your name to  call out over the intercom when your order is ready, just say, Donald Trump. Short of a nuclear bomb announcement, I can’t think of anything more polarizing than to hear over the restaurant loud speaker, “Donald Trump, your order is ready for pick up.” You can only hope no one poisons your food before you pick it up.

So, being a songwriter, I decided to write a song about Donald Trump, but not one that only covers his strengths, and not one that focuses only on his foibles. Rather, one that does a little of both.

I’m just glad we still live in a country where we can have free speech in prose or poetry or in song. I called my finished work, “Why Does Everyone Love/Hate Donald Trump?” Hope you like it.


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Why do so many Either Love or Hate President Trump?

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