Why Do Some People Crave Junk Food In Early Pregnancy?

When cravings begin, you have an intense need to consume things like pickles and ice cream or burgers, pizza, and chocolate. On top of that, the food combinations may be very different from what you would typically eat.

OB-GYN ​​Emily Jacobs, MD says, “Some research suggests that Neuropeptide Y (NPY), which stimulates the appetite, is increased in pregnant women in response to hormone changes,” she explains (via Yahoo! Life). “Couple that with the fact that pregnancy gives you a heightened sense of smell, which in turn alters your taste buds, and suddenly craving french fries for breakfast doesn’t seem so strange.”

In addition, the most common pregnancy cravings include dairy, sweets, and anything that’s salty and spicy, so that basically covers all the main areas of junk food (via WebMD).

Another reason why you may turn to junk food during early pregnancy is that it may be the only food you can keep down when you’re having major food aversions. When you simply cannot stomach regular meals and your go-to egg breakfast makes you retch, grabbing a carb-laden with salt can sometimes quell your nausea, while also providing you with some calories, sodium, and carbohydrates.