Wife’s message after Hulk pregnant with niece

Hulk is expecting a baby with his ex-wife’s niece. Image: Instagram

The ex-wife of Brazilian football star Hulk has posted a cryptic message on social media appearing to take a swipe at him after he fell pregnant with her niece.

Hulk announced last month that he is expecting a baby with partner Camila Angelo – who is the niece of his ex-wife Iran.

Hulk, 34, separated from Iran, 52, last year and has since started a relationship with Camila, 32.

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The pair are now expecting their first child together, which will be Hulk’s fourth overall.

Taking to Instagram this week, Iran appeared to address the situation in a cryptic post.

“Lies and disloyalties are like knives. They cut our flesh, make us bleed, dry up, die a little inside,” she wrote.

“But for those that have God in their lives, this dying means rebirth.

“I am reborn with each disappointment and each lie that is unmasked because Jesus made me strong.”

Iran posted the message alongside the caption: “Only time has the skill to unmask appearances, reveal lies and show someone’s true character.”

Hulk, whose real name is Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, caused a major stir last year when it was confirmed he had left his wife of 12 years and started a relationship with her niece.

Iran previously opened up about the “great pain” she suffered as a result of the marriage breakdown.

“I gave everything to this girl since she came into the world,” Iran said.

“I sacrificed my dreams so many times to make her dreams come true.

“And here I am not talking only about material goods, because these are easy to give when you have money, but love, affection, attention, respect … everything.

“If I made a mistake, my God, it was because I loved and trusted too much.”

Hulk, pictured here in action for Atletico MG in Brazil.

Hulk in action for Atletico MG in Brazil. (Photo by Pedro Vilela/Getty Images)

Hulk opens up on new relationship with ex-wife’s niece

Hulk, who has made 53 appearances for the Brazilian national side, said he wasn’t happy in the marriage but was never unfaithful with Camila.

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“I never had a relationship with Camila when I was married,” Hulk said last year.

“I am a man. I was not happy in my marriage.

“I had countless reasons. I spent my entire marriage betraying Iran. She lived a single life. She just wanted to have the status of wife of the Hulk.”

Hulk was playing in the Chinese Super League when he started his relationship with Camila, claiming he and Iran had been separated for over a year.

“Camila came to China. I don’t think I’m an ugly person and I’m young,” he explained.

“Camila is young and extremely beautiful. We ended up getting involved. We were single.

“We came back from China and told the family when you came back and you went to media.

“I have a clear conscience and peace. If you want to continue cursing me and treating me like a monster, the choice is yours. But criticise on top of the truth.”

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