Woman finds out she’s pregnant ‘while already in labour’ at friend’s birthday party

A woman has shocked the internet, revealing she went into labour while out nightclubbing – despite not knowing she was pregnant.

Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco, a 20-year-old sales assistant from Mexico, began suffering intense hip and stomach pain while out partying for a friend’s birthday.

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She headed home to rest but the bizarre symptoms were still there in the morning.

Vivian drank herbal tea and took over-the-counter medication in the hope it would help.

But as her pain intensified, her boyfriend Tonatiuh González knew something wasn’t right and took her to hospital.

Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco out nightclubbing. Credit: Jam Press Vid/@vivianwiserv

The young woman was checked over by a gynaecologist – and Vivian recalls her world “falling apart” as she was told she was going into labour.

“I found out I was pregnant when I was already in labour,” Vivian told NeedToKnow.Online.

“Immediately, I went into shock for many reasons – such as if the baby was okay and what I was going to do with him, as I’ve never carried a baby in my life.

“(I worried) about everything I needed to buy and, in that moment, my world fell apart.”

Vivian said she had felt ill in the two days prior to the birth but, the night before, she felt well enough to go to dinner and a friend’s birthday.

“But I decided to leave because I felt quite ill,” she said.

Vivian, 20, went into labour ‘while out clubbing’, despite having no idea she was pregnant. Credit: Jam Press/@vivianwiserv

“I had pain in my hip and stomach, which I obviously didn’t know what it was, and I got home around midnight.

“I couldn’t sleep until nine in the morning and I went to work as it was a Sunday, but I still felt really bad.

“I told my boyfriend I was taking a thousand pills and drinking tea.

“But the pain got worse until, around three in the afternoon, he decided to take me out of work and to the hospital.

“That’s when they told me that the pain was because I was in labour and that I had to give birth.”

‘Dying of pain’

Vivian claims she was “dying of pain” and, as the baby was fast approaching, she was told a C-section was necessary.

Moments later, she was placed under anaesthesia – and gave birth to her little boy, Matías.

Instead of feeling overjoyed, the couple was left with mixed emotions.

“I stayed awake until he was born and I don’t know what I felt (upon seeing him),” Vivian said.

“I didn’t feel hurt or anything at all, but my boyfriend was in shock.

A screengrab from Vivian’s video, the night she went clubbing before giving birth. Credit: Jam Press Vid/@vivianwiserv

“He clearly had to get moving, as there were things we needed. He was so scared, but I understood.”

In a bid to share their “shocking” ordeal, Vivian uploaded a video of her experience on TikTok, racking up 16.9 million views and 1.3 million likes.

The clip begins showing her drinking and singing while in a club, along with various other clips of her in a pool, with friends and her boyfriend.

She gives a pregnancy ‘countdown’, before revealing a photo of the happy couple cradling their newborn.

Vivian and her surprise son Matías. Credit: Jam Press/@vivianwiserv

Users have flocked to the comments’ section to share their reactions, with many sharing similar experiences.

“This happened to me with my first daughter, never knew I was prego till the day I had her and I was getting my period every month,” one person commented.

Another added: “Welcome to the club. I didn’t know I was expecting twins until I was 30 weeks and I delivered them at 34 weeks.”

“This is actually common. Some women don’t grow a stomach and because of fetal placement don’t feel the baby kick and are lucky to be asymptomatic,” someone else claimed.

‘Everything was normal’

Vivian said many people thought her situation was “impossible” or that she was lying.

“(Others) were shocked and, on the other hand, many women commented that the same thing happened to them,” she said.

“I always led my life as if nothing happened and I went out to parties a lot.

“But I no longer drank so much because I had my gallbladder removed almost a year ago.

“I was still drinking something though, as well as exercising and swimming – everything was really normal.”

The new mum said settling with her baby boy was difficult at first because she had had “no experience or dealings with babies” but she soon adapted.

“The fact I have to teach him how to be in life is very nice and he’s already going to daycare, as well as being happy,” Vivian said.

“He’s my son, my partner and the love of my life – it’s honestly the best and most sudden thing that could have happened to me.”

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