Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth

Normally, stomach pain can be quickly alleviated with a little trip to the toilet. But for one woman in Finland, the pain only passed once she’d given birth to an entirely unexpected baby boy.

Tilda Kantala, from Turku, woke up on 28 June 2021 to a ‘small burning pain’, but she didn’t think anything of it.

In fact, she initially thought it was more likely to be the result of a dodgy meal than a baby, as she said she hadn’t experienced any sickness or anything like that.

However, she was soon overcome with a familiar urge from when she gave birth to her first child two years ago.

Tilda said baby Alec was totally unexpected. Credit: Jam Press

The 23-year-old said: “I thought it was just from eating something bad or something that my stomach can’t handle.

“It wasn’t like normal contractions but then came a very familiar feeling – the urge to push.

“That’s when I figured out that I was in labour and about to give birth to a baby or babies. At that point, I didn’t know anything.”

From this realisation onwards, things happened very quickly indeed.

Tilda recalled: “At the last minute, I was able to shout ‘Mum’ because I heard her coming into the house to get something.

“She came into my room and saw me in pain and about to push for the first time. She asked: ‘ARE YOU PREGNANT!?’ and I answered: ‘I guess so’.

“Then she looked and she saw the baby’s head already and said: ‘I see the head and a lot of black hair’.

“My mum asked if I could wait a little bit before I started pushing and I yelled: ‘NO!’.

“My mum went to get some towels and get some more help from my uncle, who called the ambulance. While he was on the call, I pushed three times and the baby was out.”

He's now three-months-old. Credit: Jam PressHe’s now three-months-old. Credit: Jam Press

Absolutely no messing about.

Tilda and the baby were taken to the hospital to be checked over, and thankfully they were both fine – though Tilda was understandably feeling a bit overwhelmed by suddenly becoming a mum-of-two.

She said: “At the hospital, they did a lot of blood tests and other tests because I didn’t have any check-ups during pregnancy.

“I was confused, scared, anxious. I was alone already, a single mother for my daughter and now another one was coming into our lives.

“Luckily, the baby was perfectly fine and healthy.”

She is now a mum-of-two. Credit: Jam PressShe is now a mum-of-two. Credit: Jam Press

After four days, they were able to go home, and baby Alec is doing well.

Tilda said: “I came to terms with what had happened. It took a few weeks but I’m fine with it now.

“I’m a happy single mum-of-two.”