World’s most identical twins are trying to get pregnant from the same man : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, April 26

A pair of twins–hailing from Perth in Australia—don’t just share appearances, but clothes, beds, food, etc, and even the same fiancé.

The 35 years olds Anna and Lucy Decinque, despite being two separate human beings, spend every minute of their lives together, including the time in the bathroom.

The sisters have been with Ben for 11 years and they all sleep together in the same supersised bed every night as a happy throuple.

Now, they are planning to get pregenet at the same time from the same man.

Anna said: “We’ve never taken a pregnancy test before. It really is magical how a stick can confirm you are pregnant… we’re 35 years old. We’ve decided we want kids now.”

Lucy added: “But in a hurry to be honest… but we need to have babies at the same time. I’m having a heart attack because I’m thinking Anna could be pregnant and I’m not. We’d prefer both of us to be pregnant than one.”

The twin sisters appeared on the show Extreme Sisters, being broadcasted on TLC. The show gives a peek into their lives and reveal some very eccentric detail about their life. In a short clip shared by TLC on YouTube, Anna and Lucy are seen checking their temperatures, as “according to the internet” a higher-than-normal temperature signifies ovulation.

They also won the title of ‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ on a Japanese show and now are creating quite a buzz on the internet.