WWE: Pat McAfee and his wife plan IVF treatment after miscarriages

McAfee has continued to appear on SmackDown during the tough time (Picture: WWE)

WWE commentator Pat McAfee and his wife Samantha are planning to conceive via IVF treatment following complications from heartbreaking miscarriages.

The SmackDown announcer, who sits alongside veteran broadcaster Michael Cole every Friday night, has heaped praise on his partner for her ‘toughness’ during an incredibly difficult time for the couple as she opened up on social media.

He tweeted: ‘I love you. I’m thankful for you..and I’m incredibly proud of you. You’re gonna be the BEST mom of ALLL time..I can’t wait for it. The toughness you’ve shown over the last few days with this surprise surgery & recovery is nothing short of admirable..You’re a badass. I love you.’

He was responding to a lengthy and emotional post she shared on Twitter detailing what she – and they – have been through lately.

She wrote: ‘We found out I was pregnant again a few weeks ago. We had to start monitoring it instantly bc of my past with ectopic pregnancy. Last year we had an ectopic resulting in internal bleeding and removal of my right Fallopian tube.

‘So my doctor had me getting my blood tested ever 48 hrs to watch my hgc levels and vaginal ultrasounds every 4 days for the past three weeks to try to find the pregnancy.

‘On Tuesday I had what we thought was a “normal” miscarriage, it was painful and miserable. We waited 48 hrs to do another ultrasound and blood work to make sure my hgc numbers were going down and everything was passed through the body.

‘To our surprise mg hgc levels were still going up, nothing made sense, I was pregnant still but they couldn’t find where the baby attached. So we made plans to dissolve the pregnant on Monday afternoon unless my blood work came back as the hgc numbers going down.’

Over the weekend, Samantha ‘woke up in extreme pain’ and Pat took her to the emergency room, where they discovered internal bleeding ‘due to the pregnancy being in my tube’ and ‘it had burst.’ “

She needed emergency surgery to remove the ‘remaining tube’, and she noted the couple are ‘now no longer able to conceive’ on their own.

‘I am heart broken to have that taken from us,’ she continued. ‘However it’s awesome to know science has other ways to get pregnant, we will be diving into the world of IVF when we are ready. But right now I’m focused on the road to recovery.’

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Meanwhile, Samantha is keen to ‘uplift others that are also in pain’, and to help people realise that they ‘are not alone’ with going through fertility issues.

‘You have an army behind you, not only your friends and family but all of us hopeful parents to be, let’s raise each other up and be there for one another and know that there is a way,’ she wrote. ‘This is something I too have to tell myself.

‘Because right now it hurts and sucks and I question why or what I could’ve done different. But at the end of the day I KNOW I WILL BE A MOTHER somehow some way, I know Patrick and I will be the best parents we can be whenever the universe thinks it’s the right time.’

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