Your Perfect Apartment – Small Details Make a Big Difference

There are several considerations to consider when finding your perfect apartment, and even then, specific tweaks may elevate it further. The easiest way to do this – is to use filters on an advanced rental website. Using the comprehensive search filters on Rentola is an excellent first step in identifying that ideal property. While your new apartment may be ideal, small details can make a big difference.

Here are some ways your new home can become even more perfect with minimal effort.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a brilliant way of adding versatility to a room. Unobtrusive, unlike many large and unwieldy flat-pack shelving solutions, adding two or three shelves to a feature wall offers myriad opportunities to add flourishes, details, and talking points to your property.

They’re ideal for placing ornaments, photos, flowers, and books, which can elevate the feel of the room and give it a warm, homely feel. In addition, they allow you to rotate the object they support, meaning that a range of different feelings can be created according to the time of year, specific events, or who you’re entertaining.

Nesting Tables

Even the most spacious apartment can feel oppressive, with space often at a premium.

One excellent way of creating adaptable surface space is by using nesting tables. These are a brilliant option when entertaining, as they can be easily moved into place to house nibbles, place drinks or place flowers from a house guest.

As soon as they’ve served their purpose, they can be placed back, one on top of the other out of the way, ready for next time.

The Illusion of Mirrors

It’s an open secret that the clever use of mirrors can create the illusion of light and space in otherwise small and dark areas.

Using mirrors as a statement within a room, on a feature wall opposite a sofa or above the fireplace, or in a narrow hallway can transform a space from one that could feel suffocating into a light and airy feeling area.

In addition, clever and unorthodox uses of mirrors in spaces too small for art, for example, can lift a blank wall space. Replacing your bathroom or kitchen splashback with mirrored panels or tiles can create a feeling of space and allow light to reflect around the room, creating a cheerful living ambiance.

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Illuminate Wall Art

Using art on walls is one of the most effective ways of imposing your personality into your living space. Choosing a piece that you love or feel represents you in some way will create a talking point and provide you with comfort.

Having a photograph of a special occasion transferred onto a canvas is a relatively inexpensive way of adding a personal touch to your wall art and providing your apartment with pieces that are unique to you.

Adding a picture light above the canvas or print will draw attention to the piece, elevate the space and give your home a feeling of luxury and warmth.

Kitchen Storage

Many apartment kitchens can be a little on the small side. The surface area to chop and dice is limited, while there’s often not enough storage for crockery and packets, jars, and bottles.

Creative storage solutions for the kitchen include making the maximum use of the height of the apartment and using every inch upwards to store pots and pans, as well as the best tableware that only gets used on relatively rare occasions.

Meanwhile, a simple set of free-standing metal shelving is a wonderfully discreet and subtle way of increasing storage for items that you need close to hand, such as cookery books, oils, pasta, and spices, while also creating a feel akin to an industrial kitchen.

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Use Color to Upcycle

Many landlords are reluctant to allow tenants to decorate the walls of their property, preferring instead to maintain the neutral tones that appeal to the majority of prospective renters.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to use color to impose your personality on a space. Rather than decorating the walls in your chosen color scheme, take the opportunity to apply a coat of paint to some wooden furniture.

This allows you to use bold colors to match your personality and create imposing statement furniture pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

Rugs and Mats

In the same way that walls are often neutral tones in rental properties, the same applies to floor coverings. Carpets, vinyl, and laminate or wooden flooring are usually in a neutral hue to allow it to blend with all furniture types.

While this may lack some level of personality and boldness, it also provides the perfect baseline for using rugs and mats around the house to add warmth, color, and comfort to your living space.

This will enable you to add a flourish that’s missing from the original décor and turn your ideal apartment into your perfect home.